1) I ... a music class on Fridays. a) have b) has c) haves 2) They ... have lunch at school a) don't b) doesn't c) do 3) Do you play basketball ? a) No, I doesn't b) No, you do c) Yes, I do 4) My dad ... to work by bus a) goes b) go c) gos 5) Billy doesn't ... classical music a) like b) likes c) liks 6) Small children sometimes... a) cry b) cries c) cryes 7) ... your friend play the guitar? a) Do b) Is c) Does 8) My grandparents ... in the countryside. a) lives b) live c) doesn't live 9)  ... doesn't like vegetables. a) Our cat b) Our cats c) Our dogs 10) ... she ... dinner at 7 o'clock? a) Does, has b) Does, have c) Do, have

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