1) Are you Indian? a) Yes, I is. b) Yes, I am. c) Yes, I'm d) Yes, am. 2) Is David a good tennis player? a) No, not. b) No, he is. c) No, he isn't. d) No, isn't. 3) Are you and your family here on holiday? a) Yes, we're. b) Yes, are. c) Yes, your are. d) Yes, we are. 4) Is Worcester a friendly city? a) Yes, it is. b) Yes, she is. c) Yes, is it. d) Yes, is. 5) Are you from Scotland? a) Not I am. b) No, am not. c) No, I'm not. d) No, is not Scotland. 6) Is the Queen British? a) Yes, she is. b) Yes, she's. c) Yes, is she. d) Yes, is British. 7) Are your neighbours nice? a) Yes, you are. b) Yes, they are. c) Yes, they're. d) Yes, nice. 8) Are Alan and Sue here today. a) No, they not. b) Not here. c) They no here. d) No, they're not.

Empower A2 ele 1b (verb be short answers)




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