1) I don't like spring. I have an _________ to flowers. a) cough b) allergy c) bruise 2) I hit the door. Now I have a _________ on my arm. a) cough b) bruise c) cold 3) People, who smoke cigarettes, have often a terrible _________ in the morning. a) cold b) diarrhoea c) cough 4) I don't feel good. I sneeze and have runny nose. I think I have a _________. a) dizzy b) diarrhoea c) cold 5) I need to go to the toilet all the time. I have a _________. a) headache b) diarrhoea c) fever 6) I feel like I am about to fall down. I feel very weak and _________. a) headache b) dizzy c) fever 7) You have 39°C! That means you have a _________. a) headache b) nausea c) fever 8) I don't want to go out. I have a terrible _________. a) headache b) rash c) nausea 9) I am pregnant and feel sick in the morning. I have _________. a) rash b) shivers c) nausea 10) After using a new face cream I got a _________ on my face. a) rash b) shivers c) sneeze 11) When you are cold and start to shake, it is called _________. a) shivers b) sore throat c) sneeze 12) Achoo! Sorry, I _________ all the time. a) sore throat b) sneeze c) stomach ache 13) My throat is red and painful. It's a _________. a) swollen b) sore throat c) sneeze 14) A pain in your stomach is called a _________. a) swollen b) toothache c) stomachache 15) Some insect stung me and now my foot is _________. a) toothache b) swollen c) vomit 16) A pain in one of your teeth is called a _________. a) toothache b) vomit c) sneeze 17) I ate something bad and now I feel sick. I want to _________. a) toothache b) shivers c) vomit




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