Could you live without your mobile phone? Do they pose a positive or negative impact on society? Write a persuasive article., "Computer games are a bad influence on young people and take over their lives!" Write a web forum entry of your own thoughts and views. , "Designer clothes - are they worth the price tag?" Write a web forum entry expressing your views., Has Christmas become too commercialised? Write a persuasive article based on your viewpoint., Are smart phones making us stupid? Write a web forum entry expressing your opinion., Are electric cars the future for transport? Are they better than petrol or diesel vehicles? Write a blog on this topic, Write an application letter for your dream job. Include the transferrable skills you have developed during your course so far., You recently went to a restaurant where the food and service were bad. Write a letter of complaint., Write an email to Jane who has been struggling during the pandemic. She would appreciate your support and to know she's not alone. , Write a film / book review of something you've recently watched or read. , Write a product review for something you have recently purchased online. Was it worth the money? .


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