to deprive of possession; also, to transfer (property) to oneself. - expropriate, circuit or compass; also, sphere of action or influence. - ambit, detestable; extremely bad. - execrable, shamelessly immoral; also, recklessly wasteful. - profligate, to accept or consent passively or without objection. - acquiesce, to dye; to instill profoundly. - imbue, the act or product of thinking. - cerebration, to besmear; also, to overdecorate. - bedaub, a weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person. - nebbish, capable of being bought; also, corruptible. - venal, swollen, bloated; also, bombastic, pompous. - turgid, to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely. - nonplus, an inhabitant. - denizen, disparaging; belittling. - pejorative, a model of excellence or perfection. - paragon, an amateur; also, an admirer or lover of the fine arts. - dilettante, of or pertaining to marriage. - nuptial, steady or sedate in character. - staid, to foreshadow; prefigure. - adumbrate, round; rounded in figure. - rotund,

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