1) A: Good morning! A special guest ___ to our hotel today. B: Really! ___ who it is? a) coming / I know b) is coming / Do I know c) is come / Am I know 2) A: I ___ you do. He ___ in the TV series, 'Rooftop', at the moment. a)  am think / stars b) am thinking / is staring c) think / is starring d) think / starring 3) B: It ___ Paul Roberts, isn't it? When ___ ? I can't wait to meet him! a) is / he comes b) is / is he coming c) be / is he come d) be/ does he come 4) A: At 3 this afternoon. But there ___ a few things things you ___ to know. a) are / need b) is / are need c) are / needing 5) A: He ___ flowers. He also ___ having his breakfast in the dining room, not in his room. a) love / like b) is loving / is liking c) loves / likes 6) B: Why ____ at our hotel? a) he stay b) is he staying c) he staying 7) A: Because he ___ some peace and quiet and he ___ to be disturbed by reporters. a) wants / doesn't like b) want / don't like c) is wanting / isn't liking 8) B: I ___. I ____ everything will be okay. a) am understand / am hope b) am understanding / am hoping c) understand / hope

EF pre-inter 1C Present Continuous (action and state verbs)

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