Symphony - A piece for Orchestra, Gospel - Religious song with a jazz/Funk accompaniment, Pibroch - Slow variations for solo Bagpipes, Celtic Rock - A mix of Celtic and rock instruments, Bothy Ballad - A song about Farm work in an Aberdeenshire accent. Often syllabic and strophic., Waulking Song - Sung in Gaelic usually by women as they stretch tweed, you hear them knocking the tweed on the table, Gaelic Psalm - Sung in Gaelic, everyone sings their own variation, can sound out of tune., Aria - A song from an Opera accompanied by Orchestra, Chorus - A group of singers singing as part of an Opera, Minimalist - Based on a small idea that gets repeated often containing ostinati., Indian - Music from India that features Sitar and tabla.,

National 5 Flashcards - Styles

Skor Tablosu

Hafıza Kartları açık uçlu bir şablondur. Bir lider panosu için skor oluşturmaz.



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