Mitosis - Process of Cell division, Chromatids - A double stranded chromosome is made from two of these attached by a centromere, Membrane - Part of a cell that controls what can enter or exit the cell, Nucleus - The part of the cell that controls all the cells activities, Chloroplasts - There are three structures found in plant but not animal cells - two of them are cell wall and vacuole. What is the third? , Spindle - The fibres that pull the chromatids to opposite poles of the cell during cell division, Growth - Mitosis is essential to repair damage to parts of the body - what is the other reason mitosis is important? , Undifferentiated - This is a term that describes how stem cells do not have a specific job, Controversial - This term describes how use of embryonic stem cells is not acceptable to everyone - some people believe destroying embryos is the same as killing a human, Parkinsons - This is a disease that could be treated in the future using stem cells (HINT: Michael J Fox suffers from this disease), Regeneration - The process in which some species are able to regrow limbs/other body parts entirely due to the type of stem cells present, Catalyst - A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, but remains unchanged by it, Specific - The term that describes how each enzyme is only capable of digesting one substrate, Starch - A large food molecule which is digested by salivary amylase in the mouth, Pancreas - An organ in the body that releases digestive enzymes into the small intestine, Protein - This is what enzymes are made from, Photosynthesis - This is a chemical reaction that is controlled by enzymes, Nerve - A type of specialised cell that gives and receives electrical signals around the body,

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