1) How many parts are there to the speaking and listening component? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 2) The informal short talk / presentation is completed a) individually b) in a group 3) The minimum number of people in the discussion is a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 6 4) The timing for the L1 / L2 individual short talk / presentation is  a) 2 minutes b) 4 minutes c) 5 minutes d) 7 minutes 5) For your informal short talk / presentation you can chose the topic to talk about a) TRUE b) FALSE 6) Tick the correct statements about the slides you create a) You must add everything that you are going to say b) Use these as a prompt c) Outline what you are going to talk about d) Use a contents / index page e) Add photos / images 7) The first slide should have a) An image b) Your name c) Your name, level and topic 8) The formal discussion is completed a) individually b) in a group 9) You must create slides for the formal group presentation a) No I must research and write notes in my booklet b) Yes like the individual presentation 10) The timing for the L1 / L2 group formal discussion is a) 3 minutes b) 5 minutes c) 10 minutes d) 15 minutes 11) In the formal group discussion is important that I a) Get my viewpoint across b) Ask questions c) Argue with everyone else d) Raise my voice to be heard e) Respond to others' questions f) Listen to others and add to what they ssay 12) The third part is a) Another presentation b) An informal talk to the head teacher c) Give a talk to your tutor group d) A discussion following another student's short talk / presentation 13) I can swear and use street language in my short talk because it is informal a) No, this is not appropriate b) Yes, because it is informal 14) As long as I ask a question to the other student that is enough for the third part a) Yes, that's fine b) No, I need to enter into a discussion

L1 / L2 Functional Skills Speaking and Listening assessments - City and Guilds




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