He lives in New York, and he likes what he experiences there. - The British reporter likes living in New York., He likes the option or possibility of living in New York - The British reporter likes to live in New York., He has a memory of it... - Fred remembered bringing sunblock..., He didn't forget it. - Fred remembered to bring sunblock..., Remember what one has to do. - Fred, remember to got to the post office, won't you?, Stop what one is doing or does. - I really must stop smoking., Pause in order to do something. - Every hour, I stop work to smoke., Be sorry for what has happened. - I regret telling what I thought., Be sorry for what one is going to say - I regret to inform, but we are unable to help you, Continue with what one is doing. - How long do you intend to go on playing those bloody records?, Move on to something new. - He went on to explain the college's regulations., Interested by the idea of doing something. - I'm interested in working in the USA., Interested by what one learns or experiences. - I was interested to read that scientist had found a cure.,

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