Some people think it’s a good ____ to live in a block of flats while other people think it’s ____ to live in a house. In my ____, it’s much better to live in a house. I have three great ____ for my opinion. To begin with, many apartments are very noisy. You might have ____ upstairs who keep you awake all night with their TV. However, most houses are very ____. My family and I live in a house, for example, and we ____ hear our neighbours. Secondly, you can’t enjoy a garden if you live in a flat. On the other ____, most houses have a garden where you can enjoy your free time. For ____, last weekend, I played soccer with my children in our garden. Finally, most houses are much ____ than flats. When you have a larger home, you feel more ____. For all these reasons, I really think it’s ____ better to live in a house.

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