Describing Photographs: In the picture/photo above it looks as if..., In the one below it looks like..., They're both quite similar because they both show..., The biggest difference between them is that the one above is...whereas the one below is..., Both photographs show, Asking for an Opinion: What do you think/ reckon?, Do see what I mean?, Would you agree with me?, What are your thoughts on that?, What's your take on that?, Giving Opinion: The way I see it..., Personally, I feel that..., I reckon that we should..., To my mind..., I honestly think..., As for me, I believe..., Starting the Discussion: May I start?, Would you like to go ahead?, Shall I start/begin?, Well, let's begin by looking at..., We could start by ..., Concurring: Yes, please do., Go ahead., That's a good idea., Certainly.,

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