My granny (not like) chocolate, ...You -(ski) well?, ...He (work) long hours?, She (like) travelling around a lot, Who (run) the company?, She (do) a 60-hour-week?, always (answer) emails?, they (give) presentations on Mondays, ...She (need) a rest?, He (look) stressed out, ...They (have) a lot to do?, He (not want) to sort out his room , ...they (do) housework on Saturday?, ...he (cook) fish well?, He always (complain) about his dish, they (not do) roadwork in winter, ...they usually (have) yard sales?, She (have) a lot to do on Mondays, they (not cook) well, ...They (buy) cheap food here?, It (NOT fit) me, it (happen) every time I cook, He (rush) around a lot, He (go) fishing every day, She -, but I - not, They (hold) a meeting several times in a day, I (Have got) a doctor's appointment today.

Present Simple drilling affirmative, interrogative and negative sentences

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