Frequency - Number of waves per second, Wavelength - Length of one complete wave, Amplitude - Height of a wave from the centre line, Period - Time for one wave to pass a point, Diffraction - Waves bending around obstacles, Refraction - Light changing speed as it enters a new material, Ionisation - Atoms losing or gaining electrons, Fission - Large nucleus splits into two smalled nuclei, Fusion - Two nuclei joining to form a large nucleus, Absorbed Dose - Energy absorbed per 1kg mass, Equivalent Dose - Absorbed dose x radiation weighting factor, Activity - Nuclei of nuclei decaying per second, Half-life - Time taken for the activity to halve, Acceleration - Change in velocity per second, Newton - The force required to accelerate 1kg at 1ms-2, Gravitational Field Strength - Force of gravity on an object per 1kg, Vector - Quantities defined by magnitude (size) and direction, Scalar - Quantities defined by magnitude (size) only, Voltage - Energy supplied per Coulomb of Charge, Current - Number of Coloumbs of Charge flowing per second, Power - Energy transferred per second, Specific Heat Capacity - Energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg by 1°C, Specific Latent Heat (Fusion) - Energy required to change the state of 1kg from solid to liquid, Specific Latent Heat (Vaporisation) - Energy required to change the state of 1kg from liquid to gas, Pressure - Force exerted per 1m2 area,

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