You best friend is really angry with you. You don't understand why, what do you say? (be/happen), You hear a woman crying in a dressing room. What is she saying? (fit), Your spouse askes you for help (no milk at home), what does she say? (forget), You come home and remember you forgot smth that your spouse has asked you for. What do you say to your spouse?, Your friend asks you for advice: his computer keeps restarting. You want to know what he has already tried. What do you say? (try), Your friend stares at you for some time and you feel uncomfortable, what do you say? (look at), Your friend makes a funny face while trying a new spicy dish. What do you ask? (taste), Your daughter refuses to eat the food you ordered her at the café. You want to find out why, You ask ... (taste), Your coach motivates you to success. You feel tired and depressed. He says (try), You don't like a new perfume a beauty consultant shows you. What do you say? (smell), Your friends ask you out tonight but you can't. You say (see), You feel nervous. When you were leaving home you probably didn't check the locks. Or did you check them? You don't remember. You call your spouse to double check the household. You say (forgot), Your colleague asks you for a cigarette. You say that you don't smoke now. (stop), You are at work doing an urgent task but your friend calls and asks to join them for a party. You say you can't (stop).

Verb patterns Verb +ing or infinitive and Present Continuous verbs - intermediate

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Rastgele kartlar açık uçlu bir şablondur. Bir lider panosu için skor oluşturmaz.



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