1) People wear yellow underwear to get happiness and luck through the year a) Spain b) Brazil c) Colombia d) China 2) People chuck the old furniture out their windows to start the new year fresh a) Athens (Greece) b) Mexico City (Mexico) c) Wellington (New Zealand) d) Johannesburg (South Africa) 3) People wear polka dot clothing while carrying coins in their pockets to bring good luck a) the Philippines b) China c) Sweden d) Turkey 4) People believe carrying empty suitcases will bring a year of travel  a) Japan b) Canada c) Colombia d) Australia 5) People give their loved ones red lingerie as a symbol of love and good luck a) Italy b) Portugal c) France d) the USA 6) People burn scarecrows to get rid of negativity from the previous year a) Peru b) Mexico c) Ecuador d) India 7) People climb on top of chairs and jump for good luck a) Austria b) the UK c) Chile d) Denmark 8) People eat lentil soup at midnight for good luck and prosperity a) Portugal b) Italy c) Spain d) Chile

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