1) return a) give back b) get over c) turn up d) look at e) take off f) tidy up 2) become a) fill in b) give back c) turn into d) turn down e) look after f) get over 3) organice a) get down b) look for c) put on d) tidy up e) get in f) look at 4) take care of children or an animal a) look at b) look after c) get through d) get away e) put on f) take off 5) be excited about something in the future a) look after b) get up c) get away d) get over e) look for f) look forward to 6) not to have any more a) look for b) run out of c) get on d) look at e) get over f) put on 7) to have a holiday a) look for b) get down c) take off d) get away e) turn off f) turn up 8) to complete a form a) fill in b) turn off c) look at d) look for e) take off f) get away 9) to wait a) look for b) get over c) take off d) turn off e) look at f) hold on 10) to start a) do up b) take up c) look at d) get up e) look for f) turn off 11) stop working a) carry on b) fill up c) break down d) throw away e) look up f) turn on 12) make full a) turn on b) run out of c) break down d) fill up e) throw away f) look up




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