1) Which of these are not fossil fuels: a) Coal b) Gas c) Wood d) Oil 2) What is the type of energy that is released from the fuel in a fossil fuel power station? a) heat b) kinetic c) electrical d) sound e) light f) nucler 3) What does a "renewable resource" mean? a) Is used faster than it can be replaced b) Is environmentally friendly c) Makes a lot of pollution d) Can be replaced faster than it is used up 4) Which of these is not renewable? a) Biofuel b) Nuclear power c) Solar power d) Wind power 5) Which of these uses photovoltaic cells to generate electricity a) Wind power b) Geothermal c) Solar power d) Biofuels 6) Which is the most used renewable energy resource in the world? a) Hydroelectric b) Wind power c) Solar power d) Geothermal 7) Which renewable resource could have a significant impact on how much food we can grow? a) Hydroelectric b) Biofuel c) Tidal power d) Wind power 8) Which renewable energy resource is Britain "richest" in? a) Hydroelectric b) Tidal power c) Geothermal d) Solar power e) Wind power f) Wave power 9) Which of these is a disadvantage of wind power? a) Kills a lot of birds b) Are expensive to run c) Are noisy d) Take up a lot of room 10) Which of these is an advantage of solar power? a) Are very efficient b) Can be placed on existing buildings c) Are cheap to make d) Are reliable

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