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What do you mostly stay online for?, How many hours a day do you go online?, Do you think you are internet addicted?, Who goes online most in your family?, How many files do you download a week through the internet?, How many days do you think you can be away from internet?, Which social media do you use most?, How many social media accounts do you have?, Why do you think people need shopping online?, How often do you check your mail?, How many online friends do you have?, What is your favourite social media site?, What is the name of book you read last? When did you read it?, Do you know any social media for very young children?, How many youtubers do you follow?, What do you think about the future of television?, How many followers do you have on social media accounts? Do you know all of them?, Do you follow your parents on social media?, Have you ever been bothered by someone on social media?.

internet ,social media and television





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