Reactive - We can order the metals by how ____________ they are., Gold - A metal that is very unreactive and can be found as the pure metal., Copper - This is a metal that can be reduced using carbon. It is used in electrical wires., Carbon - This is the non-metal that can be used to reduce metals less reactive than it., Iron - The most mined metal, has the symbol Fe., Transition - The metals in the middle of the periodic table are called the _______________ metals., unreactive - Platinum is an example of a very _______________ metal., native - Gold is a metal that can be found as pure gold, this is called a ___________ metal., Displacement - This is a type of reaction where one metal replaces another metal in a solution. (Also today's lesson), series - The reactivity __________., Potassium - This is the most reactive metal in our reactivity series., metals - The reactivity series is for ordering different _________.,

Displacement and reactivity




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