Daha iyi dersleri daha hızlı oluşturun
1) I ________________ visit Masai Mara in Kenya because I love wildlife. a) prefer b) would rather c) would like d) love 2) I ________________ going to Samarkand because Samarkand is an important Turkish-Islamic center. a) prefer b) would rather c) would like d) love 3) To me, historical _________________ is more beautiful than modern buildings. a) climate b) determination c) population d) architecture 4) With its beautiful beaches and historic sites, Antalya is a(n) _________________ place. a) must-see b) accommodation c) invasion d) guesthouse 5) Johann Ludwig Burckhardt ________________ Petra in 1812 a) contained b) invited c) rediscovered d) abondened 6) The emperors of China _____________ the Great Wall of China to stop the attacks from the north of China. a) invasion b) weighed c) contained d) build 7) I guess the Incans built the city in the fifteenth _______________. a) construction b) century c) spectator d) trade route 8) I suppose the Incans _________ the city after the Spanish invasion a) became b) contained c) abandoned d) stayed 9) Trabzon is the biggest city in the Eastern Black Sea _____________. a) population b) attraction c) region d) spectator 10) It has a warm and rainy _______________ whole year.  a) climate b) century c) historic d) palace

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