Queen Mumtaz Mahal was the source - of inspiration for the Taj Mahal., At the Great Wall of China, the earliest phase - of construction began in the 7th century BC, The red sky in Munch's The Scream has been linked - to the eruption of a real volcano., The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa was designed - by a complete unknown, Persia was the first country to use a symbol - of its leader on coins., In ancient Britain, purple paint was only available - to the king and queen, by law., Vincent van Gogh painted thirty different versions - of his own portrait., studying a Matisse painting, a group of experts - on art failed to notice it was upside down,

Expert IELTS U5 - p74 - Vocabulary: Word + Preposition

Skor Tablosu



Şablonu değiştir


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