The food was so good we had to leave a tip., The computer was too expensive for me to buy., It's the most beautiful painting I've ever seen., This summer has been much cooler than last year., I'm not as good at maths as you., The course wasn't as easy as I'd expected., This car isn't safe enough to drive., This exercise is easier than the last one., At the beginning of the exam candidates are told the regulations., Do you know if the letter was sent to Mr Thomas?, A date for the wedding hasn't been arranged yet., He should be given the news by now., It is estimated that most people now have access to the Internet., I usually have my car repaired by the garage on the corner., That essay can't have been written by Steve., The demonstration has been cancelled by the police., She asked me what I thought of the college., Keith promised that he would call me later that night., The boy denied breaking the window., She suggested that I come that evening..

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