Past: I read a great book last month., Yesterday we went to see a play at the theatre., Last Thursday he played tennis with his friends., I loved our dinner last night!, She didn't want to come shopping with me, Was it a good trip?, I called her three times but didn't get an answer., I did not understand anything she said., Present: She often takes photos of her friends., They go out most Fridays., Usha is a hard-working student., The film starts at 7 pm., We have a lot of plants in our garden., Does he know that you like him?, It's 5 o'clock already, I walk my dog every day., Future : I'm going to finish this task tonight., I'll probably go to this party, but I'm not sure yet., They will be going into town later, We won't disturb you, I promise., Are you going to stay at home all day? , He's going to make it work, I know it!, She will most probably be late for the meeting., Are we going to be friends again?,




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