Peter Kessler opened the meeting and informed us that, Sulaiman had gone to Port Rashid to check on deliveries and would, join us later. He then introduced, Jarek Gorsky, Ritterman’s new chief engineer in Warsaw, and emphasized, that the main objective of the meeting was to get the Dubai Project back, on schedule. Ernst suggested that, we skip item one on the agenda until Sulaiman could join us and went on, to outline the communication problems the two work teams had, been having. Peter recommended onsite training as a possible solution. Sulaiman, joined the meeting at this point and described, the situation at the ports as serious. He explained that, nothing was moving and that our backup supplies were insufficient to cope with, the present situation. Karim reminded us that, constant changes to the building plan were also a major problem. Peter promised, to bring this to the client’s attention and that the contract with Al-Fulani, might have to be renegotiated. Ernst and Jarek agreed to, have another look at overall logistics and to report back to Peter. Another teleconference, was scheduled for next week..

Teleconference: A Project Meeting




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