1) Excel data can be linked within Workbooks? a) True b) False 2) Excel can NOT link data into a Word document? a) True b) False 3) A ___ formula is a formula that refers to the same cell (or range of cells) on multiple worksheets? a) 1D b) 2D c) 3D d) 4D 4) A ________ in Excel is a block of cells containing related data? a) Table b) Cell c) Function d) Worksheet 5) A _________ enables you to view subsets of the table records based on a specific criteria? a) Formula b) Sort c) Filter d) Group 6) A _______________ is a data summarisation tool? a) Pivot Table b) Table Table c) Data Table d) Sort Table 7) A Pivot Table must have at least one field that contains values? a) True b) False 8) A filter feature can be included in a Pivot Table? a) True b) False 9) Cells can only be locked? a) True b) False 10) A password can be added when a worksheet or workbook is protected? a) True b) False

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