1) A place were a plane comes in to land. a) aeroport b) airport c) ayrport d) airpoort 2) This appears if you cut yourself. a) bloud b) blod c) blood d) blode 3) A vegetable that is orange in colour. a) carot b) carott c) carrott d) carrot 4) A white bird that is a symbol of peace. a) duv b) duvet c) dove d) dov 5) London is the capital city of this country. a) Engerland b) Engleland c) Enguland d) England 6) A person that you can talk to, spend time with, and share things with. a) freind b) frend c) frind d) friend 7) The opposite of 'stop' a) goo b) go c) goe d) going 8) You wear this on your head! a) heart b) hat c) hatt d) hate 9) A country near to the UK. Its capital city is Dublin. a) Ireland b) Irland c) Irlanda d) Irlande 10) The first month of the year. a) Janury b) Janry c) January d) Junruay 11) Something that children go and fly in the park. a) kit b) kyte c) kity d) kite 12) A large vehicle used for transporting goods. a) lorry b) lory c) lorree d) lore 13) You spend this at the shops. a) munny b) money c) monney d) monnaie 14) The opposite of 'always'. a) nivver b) nevver c) never d) neverr 15) A fruit and a colour. a) orranje b) orange c) orringe d) oringe 16) Something that you can hang on your wall at home. a) pitcher b) picure c) picture d) pickler 17) What I'm asking you now! a) quistion b) quastion c) quostion d) question 18) A flower that has sharp thorns. a) ruse b) rose c) ross d) rosy 19) A place in the garden where you can keep tools and a lawnmower. a) shed b) shod c) shud d) shid 20) A type of shoe that is worn for running or playing sports. a) trinner b) triner c) treiner d) trainer 21) This is how you feel when you are sad or start crying. a) inhappy b) onhappy c) unhappy d) unhapy 22) You sprinkle this on fish and chips along with salt. a) vingar b) vinegar c) vinaigre d) vunegar 23) A drink that is made from grapes. Can be red or white. a) wijn b) wiyn c) winne d) wine 24) A musical instrument made up of metal or wooden bars. a) xylophone b) xilophone c) xylephone d) xylphone 25) Bananas are this colour. a) yelo b) yellow c) yelow d) yollew 26) Something you find on a pair of trousers. a) zap b) zep c) zip d) zop




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