1) If you come down with something, what should you do? a) Go on holiday. b) Stay at home until you feel better. c) Do some exercise. d) Do something fun to cheer yourself up. 2) If your car breaks down, what should you do? a) Call the police. b) Get out of the car and continue with your day.  c) Call an ambulance. d) Call a mechanic. 3) When do people make up with their partner? a) After having an argument b) On Valentine's Day c) When they separate d) When they first start dating 4) When might someone tell you to 'tuck in'? a) When you go to work b) When you feel unwell c) At the start of a meal d) When you have an exam 5) If you stay up, do you a) have an early night b) go out with friends c) get out of bed late in the morning d) go to bed late




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