1) I think my best friend is Sercan. Because......... a) He is a sneaky person. b) He doesn't tell lies to me. c) He is not loyal 2) A: Shall we eat out tonight?  B:Thanks, but....... a) It is terrific b) I've another plan for tonight. c) Why not? 3) He is not a True friend. He is dishonest and.... a) Sneaky b) Loyal c) Tactful 4) Hangi kelimenin anlamı yanlış verilmiştir? a) Tactful:Nazik b) Stingy: cimri c) Emotional:hoş kokulu 5) What is the event? a) It is fantastic. b) It is a sleep over c) That sounds fun 6) Hangi kelimenin anlamı yanlış verilmiştir? a) Behavior=davranış b) Do crunch=mekkik çekmek c) Sensitive=saygılı 7) ....... do you usually spend your weekend? I meet my Friends and we have fun together. a) What b) Where c) How 8) Do you prefer watching films or reading books? a) I like reading books more b) Yes, I do c) No, I don't prefer watching films 9) What is your favourite........... activities? I am crazy about playing computer games.  a) Free time b) School c) Outdoor 10) ..........? About two hours everyday. a) How often do you read a book? b) How long do you play 11) Hangisi 'be keen on' ile aynı yerde kullanılmaz? Aynı anlamda değildir?  a) Be into b) Be fond of  c) Prefer 12) How do you usually go to school? a) He usually takes the bus. b) I walk to school.  c) ı prefer travelling by plane 13) I am into board games and......... is my favourite. a) Table tennis b) Backgammon c) Casual 14) Who is your....... singer? Barış Akarsu is the best.  a) pop b) Rock c) Favourite

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