1) Who is this? a) King Charles I b) King Charles II c) King Charles III  d) Prince Charles 2) When was he born? a) b) c) d) 3) Who was his mother? a) Queen Elizabeth I b) Queen Elizabeth II c) Queen Victoria d) 2022 4) What is the name of the special event this weekend?  a) the king b) the crown c) the coronation d) the crownation 5) When is the coronation? a) Monday 8th May 2023 b) Sunday 7th May 2023 c) Saturday 6th May 2023 d) Saturday 6th March 2023 6) What does the King wear on his head? a) a crown b) a coronation c) a concert d) a crowd 7) What is on the TV after the coronation? a) a picnic b) an English class c) a concert d) a film 8)  Where is the coronation ceremony? a) Westminster Abbey b) Buckingham Palace c) Windsor Castle d) Birmingham Cathedral 9) What will some people do to celebrate? a) go to the cinema b) have a party or picnic c) go to sleep d) speak to friends 10) What is the special name for this ?  a) an orb b) a ball c) a ring d) a cross 11) What is the special name for this?  a) a chair b) a toilet c) a throne d) a stool 12) What is the special name for this?  a) a stick b) a sceptre c) a back-scratcher d) a pen 13) What is his job? a) He is a guard. b) He is a king. c) He is a teacher. d) He is a shop assistant. 14) In the UK, Monday 8th May 2023 is a Bank ................ a) Holyday b) Holday c) Holliday d) Holiday

The Coronation 2023 and King Charles III

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