Laissez-faire leadership - allowing people to get on with things themselves, Autocratic leadership - all key decisions are made by the boss, Charismatic leadership - a leader who has a dynamic or magnetic personality making people follow them, Democratic leadership - When the leader delegates full power and execution of tasks to people, Paternalistic leadership - When a leader is 'fatherly' and the boss treats staff as part of a family, Mission - Stats why a company exists, defines what an organization is, Objective - Specific and measurable results that companies hope to reach as they grow, Decision making - A mental process where where you have to chose from a set of alternatives, Managers - The person responsible for controlling a organization or group of staff, Leader - The person who commands a group or organization, Country club - The boss is a really nice person however, there is a lack of urgency about getting things done, Blake's grid - a grid that analyses styles of leadership,

Leadership and decision-making


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