1) Who was the Gruffalo written by? a) Miss O'Brien b) Julia Donaldson c) Tony Ross 2) What does the mouse like to eat? a) Pancakes b) Strawberries c) Nuts d) Weetabix 3) What does Mouse say the Gruffalo likes to eat? a) Snake spaghetti b) Sweet and sour snake c) Scrambled snake d) Snake sorbet 4) What colour are the Gruffalo's spines? a) Purple b) White c) Green d) Brown 5) A Gruffalo has a poisonous .......... on the end of his nose? a) Button b) Pimple c) Spot d) Wart 6) Owl invites Mouse to .......? a) Lunch b) Tea c) Dinner d) Soup 7) Mouse tells Owl that the Gruffalo had Knobbly .....? a) Feet b) Hands c) Eyes d) Knees 8) Mouse meets Snake who invites him to his log pile house for a .....? a) Movie b) Party c) Feast d) Dance 9) Mouse made the Gruffalo come very close to hear that the mouse's favourite food was Gruffalo....? a) Ice cream b) Toast c) Sandwich d) Crumble 10) Which animal did the mouse meet first? a) Squirrel b) Snake c) Fox d) Owl

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