Daha iyi dersleri daha hızlı oluşturun
1) Injury ? a) b) c) 2) ? a) hit b) lose c) spectator 3) which of the pairings is correct a) achieve b) indoor sports c) gym 4) which one is false a) lose b) beat c) compete 5) Which is the picture that hit a) b) c) 6) which is the equipment a) b) c) 7) in this sport we need ball, field and goal. Which is according to the information given a) Basketball b) Football c) Voleyball 8) Which is not a team sport a) b) c) 9) The spelling of the word is false a) score b) inujry c) team 10) ''llaebsab'' which is the correct spelling of the sport given in a mixed form a) baseball b) basketball c) Billiards




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