Content: Does it have all the content points?, Is there title?, Communicative Achievement: Is it easy for the examiner to read and understand?, Does it 'make sense'? (¿tiene sentido?), Are the ideas in a logical order? (e.g. Intro - action - conclusion), Does it have typical language for a story/article/email?, Language: Does it use present simple accurately?, Does it use present continuous accurately?, Is there present perfect?, Does it use past simple accurately?, Does it use past continuous accurately?, Are there conditional sentences?, Are there passive sentences?, Are there modal verbs?, Are there extreme adjectives?, Are there any personality adjectives?, Is there a relative clause?, Organisation: Are there linkers (e.g. also, however)?, Are there time indicator adverbs?, Are there 3 paragraphs (introduction+action+conclusion)?, Is the punctuation correct?, Are clauses: subject + verb + object, or passive clauses?, Are there more complex sentences (e.g. 2 clauses linked together)?,

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