After music (Spotify), film (Netflix) and fashion (Zalando), which industry will be ____(1) next by e-commerce platforms? Fitness, perhaps. Virtuagym is an Amsterdam start-up that lets gyms and other fitness providers manage every aspect of their business on its platform, including ____ (2) and booking, membership management and invoicing. The start-up works with fitness spaces in more than 80 countries and isexpanding into markets such as yoga, dance and mixed ____ (3). “Technology is ____ (4) in the health and fitness industry,” Hugo Braam, CEO of Virtuagym, told the European website, which provides tech news and analysis. “Better life. Better performance.” Those four words are what you see when you visit the website of Hintsa, a Finnish start-up. But what do they mean? And what does it do? Worker well-being, especially in knowledge-intensive industries, is the aim. Hintsa does this with a range of services, from individual (1) ____ coaching to its HeiaHeia app, which “creates ____ (2) well-being challenges” for staff. HeiaHeia, by the way, takes its name from the Norwegian sporting____ (3) “Heia! Heia!”, which is related to “Huh!”, Iceland’s wonderful football clapping chant. That chant alone would change workers’ lifestyles for the better, from the ____ (4) to the back office. In these days of economic migration for the masses and global mobility for the elites, Papers, Please is a perfect game. ____(1) visas and stamping passports are not the most exciting jobs in the world and Papers, Please ____ (2) perfectly just how dehumanizing these bureaucratic roles can be. The graphics are Cold War chic and the game’s complexity keeps it interesting even after you stop the 100th attempt to ____ (3) someone across the border. Putting people through hell in the name of immigration control isn’t amusing but Papers, Please is ____(4) and challenging.




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