Daha iyi dersleri daha hızlı oluşturun
1) The statement 'l am throwing party at the our garden on saturday' expresses .... a) a promise b) an arrangement 2) The statement 'We are going to go to İtaly with friends this week' expresses a) a future plan b) a promise 3) l promise l ________ my lessons. a) am studying b) am going to c) will study 4) A:What time ________ the party _________tomorrow? B:It ______at 11pm. a) is b) going to start c) starts d) start 5) I think it _______rain today a) will b) is going to c) was 6) This girl (down)_________soon if no one helps her. Please, hurry! And I (call) ______ the police! a) will drown/will call b) is going to drown/will call c) will drown/is going to call d) has drown/call  7) l am organizing pijama party for _______ a) yesterday b) tonight c) last day d) nowadays 8) Jack ______ his chemistry exam at half past eight on Tuesday. a) is having b) won't have c) will have d) doesn't have 9) _________ to something for this weekend? B:Yes, l am going to visit my grandma. a) Will you plan b) Are you plan c) Do you planning d) Are you planinng 10) _____________watching a movie with together this evening? a) Shall we b) How about c) Let's d) Why don't we




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