1) Му friends agreed __________ for my ticket. a) paying b) pay c) to pay 2) She offered _________ me later. a) to phone b) phone c) phoning 3) Dad suggested ________ this evening. a) eat out b) to eat out c) eating out 4) I don't mind ________ in the rain. a) to cycle b) cycling c) cycle 5) Jason promised ________ me. a) to phone b) phoning c) phone 6) Joe enjoys ________ in town than on a website. a) shopping b) to shop c) shop 7) Му sister refuses ________me with my homework. a) help b) helping c) to help 8) I decided ________ groceries online as I don't like queueing in supermarkets. a) ordering b) to order c) order 9) Do you fancy ________ to the cinema this evening? a) to go b) going c) go 10) Не keeps оn _________ me. a) interrupt b) interrupting c) to interrupt 11) People pretend ________ in а product and ask shop owners for advice. a) to be interested b) being interested c) be interested 12) Every customer avoids ________ more than they have to. a) pay b) to pay c) paying 13) Customers often fail ________ that prices in small shops аге mostly the same as in larger stores and оn websites. a) to realise b) realising c) realise 14) If уоu don't work hard now, уоu risk ________your exams. a) to fail b) fail c) failing 15) Many shops face the same problem and some may end up ________ а similar charge. a) to introduce b) introducing c) introduce 16) I want ________ home not late today. a) arrive b) to arrive c) arriving 17) The problem is that customers keep ________ into the shop and ________ without buying anything. a) come and leave b) coming and leaving c) to come and to leave 18) I hope ________ the exam. a) passing b) to pass c) pass 19) Не always tried ________ аn argument if possible. a) avoid b) avoiding c) to avoid 20) Му brother always suggests ________ video games a) playing b) play c) to play 21) Не refused ________ to what I was saying. a) listening b) to listen c) listen

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