Industry Knowledge - This is important to consider when communicating with others. Afterall if you use language or talk about ideas that they have no knowledge or experience of how will they understand what you are trying to say to them?, Interest - This is important to consider when create communications. If people are not engage with what you are saying or how you are saying it they are likely not to listen or read what you have wrote., Legibility - If people can not read what you have wrote then your communication is ineffective., Readability - If you use complex language or poor grammar it makes it difficult for people to understand your communication., Accessability - If people can not find the information that you are using to communicate with them then they will not get your message., Special Needs - It is important that you consider who you are communicating with. If a person is deaf it would be ineffective communication to try and speak verbally with them., Age - People's interest, ability and knowledge changes at different stages of thier life. It is important that this is considered when communicating with people., Distraction avoidence - It is important to consider issues that make take people attention away from your communication. I.e. loud noises or too many images.,

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