1) ... to the Tate Gallery? a) Were you b) Have you were c) Did you be d) Have you been e) You have been 2) Leonardo da Vinci ... a lot of things. a) invents b) invented c) have invented d) has invented e) is invented f) was invented 3) My friend ... me just now. a) call b) calls c) called d) have called e) has called 4) Kate ... kind to me till now. a) were b) was c) have been d) has been e) be 5) I haven't seen him since we ... school. a) finish b) finishes c) finished d) have finished e) has finished 6) When ... to the cinema last? a) have you gone b) has you gone c) you have gone d) did you go e) you went 7) She is so happy! She ... married. a) has just got b) just has got c) have just got d) have got just e) has just get f) just got 8) He cannot find his phone. I think he ... it. a) loose b) lost c) have lost d) has lost e) looses 9) Ann ... a car last year. a) buy b) buys c) bought d) have bought e) has bought 10) Where ... first? a) they met b) they meet c) did they meet d) did they met e) have they meet f) has they met

Starlight 8 Present Perfect vs Past Simple

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