1) I used to play a) practiquė b) jugaba c) juego d) jugabas e) jugaban f) juegan 2) We used to do a) hacen b) hago c) hacíamos d) hacía e) hacías f) hacemos 3) They used to go a) ir b) voy c) iba d) ibamos e) iban f) van 4) he/she/it was  a) ear b) ears c) era d) eras e) eran f) eramos 5) what is the imperfect tense used for? a) things that haven't happened yet b) To describe past events that used to happen c) to set the scene in past descriptions d) to say what you did e) to describe what you normally do f) to talk about what you might do 6) nunca jugabamos in English means  a) I used to play b) you lot used to play c) he used to play d) we used to play e) we never used to play f) I never used to play 7) ni nadaba ni montaba en bici means in English.. a) I used to swim and used to ride b) I never used to swim or ride c) I neither swam nor rode a bike  d) I swam in the mountains e) I rode in the sea f) I used to swim around on a bike

Spanish imperfect quiz


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