1. I want to be friends with her but she ____ me.She never talks to me. 2. The ____ for the concert is 1000 TL! That is too much. 3. I have a twin brother. We ____ each other. We have the same eyes, the same nose and the same hair colour. 4. There were many kinds of ____ at the party such as lemonade, coke, soda and fruit juice. 5. We are going to the movies. ____ joining us? 6. My father is going to drive me to the mall. Shall we ____ you up? 7. I will dress up like "Superman" for the ____ party. 8. "Generous, tactful, caring, honest, helpful" are positive personal ____. 9. I must finish my project tonight. The ____ is tomorrow. 10. I love ____ and Monopoly is my favourite.



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