confusing - This isn't _____________ at all, it's very clear., interesting - I really like this topic; it's really _____________ ., disgusting - Yuk! This fish and strawberry pizza is _____________ ., amazing - Wow! That magic trick was _____________ ., amusing - This lesson always makes me smile. Our teacher is so_____________ . , confused - What? I still don't understand. I'm really _____________ ., interested - I'm not _____________ in maths, so why do I have to study it?, disgusted - I was _____________ when I saw the maggot in my sandwich., amazed - The nusery staff were _____________ when the baby started speaking at only 6 months old., amused - The students were smiling, but the teacher was definitely not _____________ ., satisfied - The teacher wasn't _____________with my homework. He said I wrote too little. , satisfying - It's very _____________ when you study hard and you pass your exam., surprised - I was _____________to fail my exam, I expected it to be easy., surprising - It is _____________that there are no Turkish students in our class as there are lots of Turkish people living in this area., embarrased - I was _____________ when my friend heard me singing in the toliet., embarrassing - It's _____________to forget someones name.,




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