1) bring about a) cause to recall b) cause to happen 2) bring up a) raise b) cause to take place 3) bring out a) put on the market b) make conscious again 4) bring round a) knock out b) make conscious again 5) bring back a) cause to recall b) lose 6) bring in a) make money b) give money back 7) This song brings ........ happy memories from my childhood.  a) back b) round 8) Copenhagen is an ideal place to bring ........ your children.  a) in b) up 9) The new government has brought ........ many changes in education.  a) round b) about 10) My part-time job brings . . £400 a month.  a) in b) up 11) She passed out and we brought her ........ with a glass of water.  a) round b) about 12) Hurts is bringing ........ a new album Faith. a) about b) out 13) Looking at these photographs brings ... so many happy memories. a) round b) back 14) She passed out and the doctor had to bring her ... . a) round b) up 15) I was brought .... in religious family, so I don’t really like the party life. a) out b) up 16) Steven King brought ....... the new Institute book last month. a) out b) about 17) My job brings ....... 1200 euros a month. a) in b) up 18) The nurse brought the patient .............. by using some cold water. a) round b) about 19) Listening to their story brought ........ memories of how he and his wife had met and fallen in love. a) in b) back 20) We are sure that the new headmaster ...........important changes in the way the school works. a) about b) round 21) The sales of his paintings brought ............. large amounts of money in the last two months. a) up b) in

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