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1) Anna: how do you usually make the meat? Alex: i usually ........ them. a) Grill b) Bake c) Boil d) Mash 2) Sarah: Emily, could you please hand me the ........... over there? a) Spoon b) Pan c) Cutting board d) Board 3) I will need some ......... to make a delicious bread a) Knife b) Chocolate c) Candy d) Cake 4) What is this? a) Pan b) Boil c) Beef d) Berry 5) Mary: would you like some candy? James: no thank you, ............ a) Candy is my favourite b) I love candy c) I have more candy d) I dont like candy 6) I dont understand why people dont like ...... i think its so sweet! a) Fries b) Beef c) Chips d) Candy 7) Its so easy to make an salad! First wash the vegetables and peel them after that dice them. Put them in a bowl mix them with a spoon. Finally put some oil in it! Ready! Yum!! What should you do after peeling the vegetables? a) You should dice them b) You should wash them c) You should mix them in a bowl d) You should put some oil in it 8) What is that? a) A pan b) A plate c) A oven d) A bowl 9) What is this? a) A plate b) A pan c) A grater d) A oven 10) What is this a) A meat b) Fries c) Candy d) A grilled meat

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