Daha iyi dersleri daha hızlı oluşturun
1) The second boy _____ very clever. a) was b) were c) could 2) The other one ______ sing louder and better than anyone. a) was b) can c) could 3) The first one _____ to the top of a mountain and picked a rare flower. a) run b) ran c) can 4) The second son _____ to build a ship that could fly. a) start b) begin c) began 5) The third one took out a notebook and _____ down. a) sad b) sat c) sit 6) The boy's eyes were closed while he _____ the picture. a) draw b) drew c) drawn 7) The giant ate all their food and _______ all their water. a) drank b) finish c) drink 8) The first son jumped into the sea and _____ to the island. a) swim b) swam c) swing 9) He ____ louder and louder, until all the islands echoed with his sweet voice. a) song b) sing c) sang 10) The giant heard the song and ____ to his knees. a) feel b) fell c) fall 11) He thought of his mother, and finally, ____ back to his home.  a) went b) go c) swim




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