1) An adjective is a... a) doing word b) comparing word c) describing word d) a placement word 2) A simile compares using like or... a) as b) so c) and d) but 3) Which of these is an example of an adverbial phrase? a) I walked home b) Darkness. c) Then I woke up d) Finding my footing, I began to run. 4) If the weather reflects the mood of a character, this is called... a) Personification b) Pathetic Fallacy c) Imagery d) Simlie 5) How many marks are available for descriptive writing in the exam? a) 15 b) 20 c) 30 d) 35 6) Which of the following words is spelt incorrectly? a) Creepy b) Scary c) Wierd d) Gory 7) Which of the following is the most effective piece of description? a) The room was dark and a faint smell of last night's tobacco hung in the air b) There was a strong smell of tobacco in the room c) The room was dark and stuffy 8) Which of the following is NOT required on a piece of descriptive writing?  a) Use the senses b) Name and address c) Zoom in on detail d) Figurative language 9) A word that describes a verb is called an... a) adverb b) preposition c) connective d) adjective 10) Which of these is a metaphor? a) He was as brave as a lion b) Love is a battlefield c) Both of them d) None of them

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