Communication: Write an assignment or report as part of your studies, Give a spoken presentation as part of your class work, Design a poster to promote an event, Teamwork: Do group assignments as part of your studies, Work with people and help each other out with tasks, Join a local sporting team, Problem Solving: Help resolve complaints or arguments people have, Talk to other people about how they solved the problems they faced, Figure things out using a logical process, Initiative and enterprise: Approach businesses about getting a work placement, Set up your own community organisation or business, Sell items you made in an online store, Planning and organising: Plan tasks to achieve a project goal, Organise your time around work and family commitments, Arrange an outing for a group of people, Self-management: Work without someone having to check up on you, Take responsibility for your own behaviour , Turn up on time to work, Learning and developing: Do a short course or online course, Take up a new hobby, Review your progress to find ways to improve, Technology: Use the web to research things, Contribute to social media discussions, Find out what technology is used in the job you want,

Employability Challenge




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