1) Who is in charge of the Farm at the beginning of the story? a) Old Major b) Napoleon c) Mr Jones d) Snowball 2) Which Pig gives a speech at the beginning of the story? a) Old Major b) Snowball c) Napoleon d) Squealer 3) Who is Mr Jones an allegory of? a) Tsar Nicholas II b) Karl Marx c) Lenin d) Stalin 4) Which of these is a quote from Old Major? a) "I must work harder" b) "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others" c) "All the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings" d) "Four legs good. Two legs bad." 5) What triggers the rebellion against Mr Jones? a) Mr Jones is lazy b) Mr Jones forgets to feed the Animals c) Old Major dies d) Snowball leads the Animals 6) What is the first sign that the rebellion might not be good after all? a) Napoleon steals the milk and apples b) The Pigs write the Seven Commandments c) The name of the farm is changed from Manor Farm to Animal Farm d) Mr Jones comes back 7) When Mr Jones return and tries to recapture the farm, what is the battle called? a) The Battle of the Windmill b) The Battle for Animal Farm c) The Battle of Animal Heroes, First Class d) The Battle of the Cowshed 8) Which two Pigs take over Animal Farm at the beginning of the novel? a) Old Major b) Snowball c) Napoleon d) Squealer 9) Snowball and Napoleon start to disagree at the public meetings. What do they disagree about the most? a) What happened to Mollie b) The three day week c) The Windmill d) What happens when animals retire 10) Who is Snowball an allegory of? a) Tsar Nicholas II b) Karl Marx c) Trotsky d) Stalin 11) What happens to Snowball? a) He is killed b) He is imprisoned c) He is humiliated d) He is exiled 12) Which is the first of the Seven Commandments to be broken? a) "No animal shall drink alcohol." b) "No animal shall sleep in a bed." c) "No animal shall kill any other animal." d) "No animal shall wear clothes." 13) How do the Pigs get away with breaking the Seven Commandments? a) They use the dogs to terrify the other animals b) They take away the animals' food c) They blame everything on Snowball d) They secretly add words to the Seven Commandments 14) Napoleon starts to gather up his enemies and execute them. What is the trigger/cause of this event? a) When the hens rebel and refuse to give up their eggs. b) The Windmill falls over c) Boxer is injured d) The winter 15) What are Napoleon's executions an alleogory of? a) Stalin's treatment of the Kulaks b) The Winter Revolution c) Trotsky's Murder d) Stalin's Show Trials 16) After Napoleon's executions, what does the 6th Commandment say? a) No animal shall kill any other animal b) No animal shall kill any other animal ever c) No animal shall kill any other animal without cause d) No animal shall kill any other animal except Napoleon 17) How does Boxer die? a) He works himself to death b) He collapsed while pulling rocks c) He died at a vets with Squealer at his side d) He was sold to the slaughter-house 18) Which is FALSE. a) At the end of the story, the pigs and the humans look exactly the same b) The Farm is called Manor Farm again c) Beasts of England is reinstated d) The Seven Commandments are abolished 19) Who are the animals (apart from the Pigs) an allegory of? a) The Russian working classes b) Russian elite c) Russian middle class d) Russian secret service 20) Which factor do you think enabled the Pigs to take over the farm? a) The animal's poor education meant they couldn't read the Seven Commandments b) The Pigs (and Squealer in particular) were very persuasive c) The Animals very quickly started to depend on the Pigs for food so they couldn't rebel effectively d) The Animals were tricked into believing things were better than in Mr Jones' day, when they were worse

Animal Farm whole text AO1 quiz




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