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according to, alone, angry, anymore, appointment, arrival time, as soon as possible, ask for a service, at least, at the moment, available, average, be angaged in.., bill, book=reserve, break down, buy somehting online, call back, call center, campaign, change, chat, clothes, especially, face to face, find one's way in the traffic, flight ticket, for the sake of, foreign country, generation, get, give tips about a foreign country, graduate, hang up, have an operation, history, hold on- hang on - wait, improve a foreign language, information, interaction, invent, keep in touch - communicate, kind, language, last, quality, raise awareness, range, rank, real-life experiences, reality, receive, refugee, repair, repeat, report problems with delivery, reservation, reserved, result, return a product, return ticket, safety, scared, send an e-mail, service, share ideas and opinions, single ticket, smartphone, smoke signals, soldier, solve puzzles, solve problems, surprised, take a message, talk on the mobile phone, technological developmments, text a message, throughout, tool, tough decision, transatlantic, translate, transmission, travel agent, try, typically, under warranty, urgent, use, use social networks, useful, video chat, voluntary work, war, warn, ways of communication, worried, write a letter/postcard, leave a message, letter.

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