1) What is positive personal behaviour? a) A clean and suitable appearance b) Attending a meeting every Tuesday c) Wearing a scarf d) A positive attitude toward co-workers e) Following company procedure for answering the phone f) Respect for others and respect for individual differences 2) Good personal behaviour can.... a) Make people complain  b) Increase repeated business c) Increase uncomfortable situations d) Attract new customers e) Create a relaxed and productive atmosphere. f) Create doubt and worry 3) When answering the phone I must a) Speak clearly identifying the company and myself b) Wait 10 rings before picking up c) Make sure I sound busy d) Listen and question if not clear e) Sound flustered and overworked  f) Create a positive image and a friendly environment 4) When dealing with a complaint its important to: a) Take sides with the customer and bad mouth the company b) Listen to the full story and take notes for reference c) Agree a positive outcome for both parties d) Become aggressive and raise your voice e) Remain calm and supportive f) Agree to helping even if its above the limits of your authority  5) When taking down customers details over the phone you should a) Repast and confirm details are correct b) No need to confirm you are good at taking details c) Listen and confirm spelling of personal details d) Use appropriate language the the customer can understand e) Use company abbreviations and product jargon f) Always use first name terms

Unit 9 Communicate with Customers




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